Cheap College Textbooks: Where to Find Them

Cheap College Textbooks: Where to Find Them

College TextbooksCollege is expensive enough without having to clean out your bank account just to get the required textbooks for your classes. We are all suffering from the ongoing economic crunch. If you can find a way to shave a little off the cost of college, why not take advantage of such an opportunity? One such opportunity presents itself in the form of used college textbooks. They can be found at used book stores, online and even at your college campus bookstore or on college bulletin boards.

The sometimes enormous savings of buying used books can be used for other college expenses, such as eating or providing a roof over your head.  Many students are taking advantage of this opportunity to cut expenses. The textbooks are a necessity, but a used one contains the same necessary information as a new one, i.e., the same words, the same up-to-date information. Why pay more for the same material?

Finding Textbooks Online

Technology has opened up so many doors to us. In the field of education, that includes finding our study materials online. But we’re not just talking about physical books. Today some textbook publishers offer e-book versions of their materials online. It saves them the high cost of printing and some of those savings are passed on to you.

Finding Cheap College Textbooks on Campus

Another way to save is to wait, if you can and want to take the chance, until the first day of class to buy your physical textbooks. Often they are marked down at that point. As mentioned before, some campus bookstores offer used books as well as new. Check and see if this is true at your school. Students who took the same class the previous year are offered a rebate of a portion of their cost if they return the book for resale. Others choose to bypass the middle man and post their textbooks on a campus or dorm bulletin board for resale. Craigslist is also great source to mine for used textbooks.

Purchase Early for the Best Selection

Keep an eye out for sales at your campus bookstore. Especially during the week of finals, many of these textbooks go up for sale for the next years’ crop of students.

Renting Textbooks

For a textbook you absolutely need, but know you will never use again, a good option is to rent it for the course. There are online sources that offer textbook rentals. Try, for instance. It offers textbooks at very reasonable rental prices and even pays for shipping.

Don’t Forget eBay and

These are very viable sources for used textbooks, especially if you know the title, author’s name or ISBN for the books you need. Make sure though that you get the most current version available as textbooks are updated on a regular basis. You can get some really great bargains using the bidding/auction format.

With so many options, there is rarely the need to pay full price for your textbooks. Just be resourceful and keep your eyes open to what is available. You will be amazed at the savings!

August 1, 2014


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